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Letter to MPs

Please ask your MP to support the call for the BBC to report the STPs


On 28th January NHS Protesters at BBC Leeds -Report the STP Howl! decided to follow up their protest with a letter to their MPs in West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

We think we can follow their example. Write to your MP asking them to call on the BBC to be truthful and thorough in its reporting of STPs.


Please feel free to adapt the letter below - you can download WORD version with the link opposite.



You can also find your MP with the button link provided.



Fair Reporting?

Letter Download





On 28th January, members of the public took part in a protest outside BBC Leeds, about the BBC’s failure to inform the public about huge NHS cuts and further large scale privatisation that are already under way.  Please, as MP for ___________________________,  support the call for the BBC to report fully on the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans.


STPs have been produced in conditions of secrecy so that neither the public, NHS staff or Councillors know much about them.  “Our NHS” online news reports that only 1 in 7 members of the public know about Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). The BMA reports that doctors have been kept in the dark about them.


Joint Health Scrutiny Committee Chairs like Leeds Cllr Gruen, have said that it’s disgraceful that they haven’t had any proper information about their “footprint” STP.

He added that Jim Mackay, the NHS Improvement boss, has said in conference meetings that local politicians should be “managed.” 


The public has generally been ignored in requests to STP Leaders to release key Sustainability and Transformation Plan information that had been sent to NHS England but withheld from the public and councillors. Very few STPs have published their full appendices, with vital workforce and financial information, or the financial templates they sent to NHS England.


Requests have been met with the response that the information is to hand, but is not going to be released – even though it would be in the public interest to disclose the information.


Freedom of Information exemptions have been claimed on the grounds that the STP team, NHS England and NHS Improvement would not hold frank and free discussions if they  knew that what they said and wrote was going to be made public.


So what are they saying in private that they refuse to say in public?


It is vital that the BBC as our own public service broadcaster informs the public about the Sustainability and Transformation Plans.


Since they were published at the end of last year, Sustainability and Transformation Plans have been met by widespread opposition both from Councils – which are supposed to be partners in the plans – and by Protect the NHS groups.


You wouldn’t know it from the BBC. But the BBC is a public interest broadcasting company. It needs to do what it says on the tin.


Whatever your views on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan, it is such an important issue, we need the BBC to report it fully.


I hope you will add your voice to demands that the BBC reports fully on the Sustainability and Transformation Plans in line with its remit to inform the public, as a public service broadcaster.

999 Call site

Corporate Capture of the NHS

It is infuriatiating when the media chooses speakers and interviewees who are not well researched, not coherent and not always neutral in their opinions regarding NHS Privatisation and STPs.


Start to question why certain MPs, NHS Professionals, NHS Confederation spokespersons are on the mainstream television calling for charges, commissions and "sustainability". Often they may have connections with private healthcare.


This is a good introduction to some of the sorts of people we are needing to ensure are

kept out of the media.