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A 999 Call for the NHS resource


And the 1000+ individuals


We the undersigned call on you to produce evidence that the Dept of Health is stopping Sustainability and Transformation Plans from going ahead, where Councils say they've been marginalised in the process of developing and approving the Plans.


The reason for this request is that,  as the Local Government Chronicle reported, on November 5th 2016 at the National Children’s and Adult Services Conference you said:


“If [STPs] are failing to address the needs of stakeholders, including councils, they won’t go ahead.

“STPs should be regarded as incomplete and not go ahead if councils believe they have been marginalised.”


We are aware of 26 Councils  that have stated opposition to their “footprint” Sustainability and Transformation Plans; with their primary complaint being the democratic deficit and secrecy surrounding the development of the STPs.

We therefore call on you to show that you have notified the Department of Health that these 26 Councils say they’ve been marginalised in the STP process, and that the Department of Health is stopping these STPs from going ahead.


This would allay our fear that you may not have not been as good as your word.


For example, there's no sign that the Dept of Health is telling West Yorkshire and Harrogate STP not to go ahead, although the five West Yorkshire Council Leaders wrote to NHS England saying  they are


"unable to endorse the content of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate-wide STP as, while the high level outcomes of the plan have been discussed with various officers of our councils, the submission has not yet been to any formal Council forums or endorsed in any of our planning processes.”


Despite this unequivocal objection, the West Yorkshire & Harrogate STP is already being implemented, as the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Joint Health Scrutiny Committee meeting heard on 23rd January 2017.  We are sure there are similar situations in the other 25 councils who have objected.


For information, these are the 26 local authorities that we know have objected to their areas’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans:


Barnet     Barnsley    Birmingham    Bradford    Bristol City Council      Calderdale    Devon County Council    Ealing     Enfield     Hammersmith & Fulham    Isle of Wight Council    Kirklees    Leeds    

Liverpool City Council     North Devon District Council       North Yorks County Council    

Oxford County Council     Redcar and Cleveland    Sheffield City Council    Shropshire Council    

Telford and Wrekin Council       Wakefield      Waltham Forest Borough Council      

Warwickshire County Council    West Sussex County Council Health and Wellbeing Board      Wirral Council


We look forward to your reply.





Thanks to everyone who signed the letter which we will present to the Dept of Health and Mr Mowatt MP.


Let's see if he can true to his word.


Somehow we doubt it. But we have to get people to see how tricky these politicians are.


We willl keep you posted about the letter and what happens to it.



What this is all about.

Although they could’ve put a lot more spanners in the works than they have,  we know that Councils - for all their protestations - can't stop the STPs.  


David Mowatt claimed to have that power and promised to use it where Councils said they'd been marginalised in the STP development.


We think he should tell us if he's been as good as his word - or NOT.


That is what this letter is for.


Thanks for signing.