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Complaints to your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Good Questions for Council Meetings

Time is often limited for public questions so practice the way in which you best deliver them.  

Be aware that some council meetings require 3 or 7 days notice that you want to ask a question. Contact the "Democratic Services" clerk for info.


Also remember that many councils are encouraging the use of social media and audio/video. In a long boring meeting there is often a vital moment that can be shared online with other campaigners and the wider community. It will give you confidence and keep them on their toes.

You should complain to your CCG, as they have a duty to make sure that the services they buy  - via contracts with providers - are being safely and appropriately provided. If your local hospitals, various departments and private providers are not delivering the services they were contracted to deliver, in a safe and appropriate manner, ultimately the CCG is responsible.


The CCG  will deny this but in the end they will have to admit that it is true. They are the budget holders, they have issued and signed the contracts - it is their responsibility. It is quite a good idea to make a formal complaint as a public statement or a question put to the CCG's Governing Body Meeting because then it has to go in their minutes and a meeting can also be the focus for public protest.



Need to find your CCG?  You can find your CCG here:


Many CCGs only accept public questions that relate to an item on the agenda so it’s a good idea to ask if this is the case. You can find the Agenda and Minutes on their website.


In addition to the complaint being written to the CCG you could copy it to the Health & Wellbeing Board, Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee of your local council. It might even be worth copying to your local councillor letting them know you expect them to support you.


NOTE: Remember this is really complaining about the companies who PROVIDE the NHS Service. (The NHS doesn't exist in the way we like to think of it). It's not the NHS that is failing us - it's the companies and providers who are letting us down.

Dont be "Fobbed Off"

It's becoming apparent that CCG Officers and CEO's are being trained to talk at you with a list of vague terms and platitudes. The main thing will be trying to paint an innocent picture of the STP.


They will brush off official dates set by NHS England - like the 23rd December deadline for contract signing. They will say they are already 'signing contracts' on a yearly basis. BUT The 23rd Dec contract deadline is for the first two years operational delivery of the STP and it's a radical change from how they have previously contracted for services.


This 23rd Dec deadline is bringing forward the contract signing deadline by 3 months and the contracts are for 2 years, which has never before been the case.  And if they don't do this, NHS England/NHS Improvement will be down on them like ton of bricks. If your CCG is saying this is the same as in the past when they've signed annual contracts in April they are telling a big fat porky! (see timeline document & FlatPack)

Be aware of Dirty Tricks

Some hospitals, CCGs may have, for some time, been sending patients to other areas in order to justify the statement that demand is low and the hospital is not needed...

Read the full "Dirty Tricks" document  and visit the others in the Flatpack.


A Supreme Example of Tricky "Fobbing"

Read a short example of tricky council leaders and there strange ways of dealing with the public and democratic process.




We support and promote all calls shouting for NHS ENGLAND Board members to stand down.


Join us and create a loud HOWL for their resignation.


Write a letter to your MP and local press, protesting their complicity with private companies.