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Mad As Hell & Not Going To Take It Anymore!

By MadAsHelll&NotGoingtoTakeitAnymore, Nov 18 2016 11:25AM

Dear friends

Our North West senior citizen correspondent Kevn Donovan writes, in a personal capacity, that following the Wirral Health and Wellbeing Board meeting today, that is exactly what he is!

He urges the following actions:

1.       Call upon Wirral MPs and Labour and other councillors to try to rein in the Chair of Wirral Health and Wellbeing Board and the runaway coach of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

2.      Urge all campaigners to publicly pillory this farce.

3.      Ask everyone to spread the word about STPs and get involved in local and national campaigns.

4.      Recommend Stop The Sustainability & Transformation Plans website  and join the local/national day of action on 3rd December EVENT LINK: HERE

5. see Kevin's campaign group (Defend Our NHS WIrral) Facebook page for details of our social and public protest meeting on 8th December

Kevin Donavan writes:

I have just walked out of the ‘meeting’ of Wirral’s Health & Wellbeing Board in disgust.

We reached the item on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan THE PLAN (we were due a verbal report from the Director for Health & Care) and the chair (Cllr Phil Davies, ‘labour’ leader of the Council) announced that the STP was not to be discussed because the CCG had not published the report yet.

This was met with protest and incredulity from the public gallery. The STP HAD been published THE PLAN (people coming into the meeting had already seen reports of its contents) but the AO/MD/Chair of the CCG claimed that ‘technical difficulties’ were delaying its release.

Davies refused point blank to accept public questions or comments and said the STP would be discussed at the next meeting. Next meeting? Date unknown but scheduled for 15 MARCH 2017.

Thus my rather inchoate conclusions at this stage:

1.       Davies is a disgrace. Apparently he prefers to negotiate with the Chinese Communist Party than the people of Wirral.

2.      To exclude any public discussion on this vital issue at this juncture is simply unconscionable.

3.      As STPs are due to be signed off very shortly AND as contracts are to be signed by 23rd December there is now no opportunity for public debate. Until he can prove otherwise the leader of Wirral Labour Party and Council is apparently aiding and abetting the Tories’ ‘slash, trash and privatise’ blitzkrieg.

4.      I cannot believe that a ‘labour’ politician is so cavalier in his attitude to our health and care services. Labour councils all over the country (yesterday in Sefton, today Cheshire West) are denouncing the STP process. My own Labour councillor has told me that Birkenhead Labour constituency party (to which Davies belongs) and all Wirral Labour councillors “are in full support of campaigning in support of the NHS.”

Can I urge fellow campaigners to:

1.       Call upon Wirral MPs and Labour and other councillors to try to rein in this man and the runaway coach of the STP.

2.      To publicly pillory this farce.

3.      Ask everyone to spread the word about STPs and get involved in local and national campaigns.

Your senior citizen correspondent – mad as hell and just not going to take it anymore!

Kevin Donovan

What's Aunty got to say?

Well... you know that this is not the only Health and Wellbeing Board to have failed its duties of diligence. All over the country I am sure the pattern is the same. That's why it is important to let other campaigners know. Just look in West Yorkshire too THE SAME PROBLEM

If you want to join a campaign group here's a map that may help. NETWWORK MAP

Nov 18 2016 11:30AM by Steven Carne

Dear Aunty

Nov 21 2016 07:55PM by Kevin Donovan

Something we said? Or has somebody ‘had a word’ with Councillor Davies? Either way should we be grateful?

He had an opportunity to say all this AND MORE at various points during the year – and certainly last week at the Health & Wellbeing Board.

Instead he refused to allow the related STP agenda item even to be discussed by the HWB, let alone take comments or questions from the public. We’ve been reading and commenting on leaks for weeks, we’ve known the thrust and intention since the beginning of the year, and we’ve called on politicians local and national to join the campaigns against the STP process...

And can I remind those concerned that on 7TH NOVEMBER the Chief Officer of Wirral CCG told us: “You may be aware that there has been a great deal of media activity during the last week with the latest version of the STP plan being leaked to local media organisations. The STP was submitted to NHS England on 21st October for their review and comment and we are expecting formal feedback on 16th November at which time the STP will be officially published. However, given the media interest we have decided to distribute the Cheshire and Wirral part of the STP known as the Local Delivery System (LDS) Plan, to local stakeholders for information, although these preliminary proposals are still pending formal feedback from NHS England.”

Now Mr Davies says there will be a special HWB meeting in January. But contracts will be signed in December. And what about the public consultation he is now proposing? Perhaps we can welcome a Damascene conversion but really it needs rather more political analysis, anger and forthright opposition than this.

You may wish to join in the comments on the Wirral Globe page.


Kevin Donovan

#NHSEmergency #NHSbigpicture #DefendOurNHS #stopSTPs

Nov 22 2016 10:39AM by Kevin Donovan

Unfortunately for Cllr Davies the minutes of the previous HWB rather contradict recent protestations: "Members welcomed the report and agreed it would be a good framework and
focus for the Health and Wellbeing Board with helpful ties to the Wirral 20:20 Plan.
Resolved – That the development of the Healthy Wirral Local Delivery System Plan and the mechanism by which this will feed into the wider development of the Cheshire and Mersey STP be noted and endorsed."

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